Choose to Change Counselling Services is owned and operated by Robin Gabert, a Registered Clinical Counsellor serving Kelowna area residents.

Choose to Change Counselling provides professional therapy for a variety of relationship issues and for individual and mental health concerns. Robin's hope is for clients to learn, grow and experience love within healthy relationships, and to assist clients to live a full and satisfying life.

Registered Clinical Counsellor Robin Gabert's goal is to guide her clients to live life fully, to learn, grow and experience love within healthy relationships. She is dedicated to helping her clients live their lives as fully as possible.

Living fully includes:

  • Being more accepting of yourself and others
  • Learning to understand yourself so you can trust your choices
  • Freeing yourself from fears that hold you back
  • Managing the negative or critical thoughts that keep you stuck
  • Releasing yourself from excess worry and criticism
  • Building solid, happy and fulfilling relationships
  • Finding hope and optimism during difficult times
  • Asserting yourself in positive, healthy ways
  • Gaining clarity and motivation to achieve your goals
Counselling in Kelowna
Counselling in Kelowna

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Anxiety, panic or excessive worrying
  • Sadness, tearfulness, negative thoughts
  • Relationship conflict, mistrust, or negative thoughts directed towards a partner
  • Menopausal, sexual or sexual health concerns
  • Self-esteem or assertiveness issues
  • Stress reduction, workplace burnout or anger management issues

Choose to Change Counselling Services in Kelowna offers:

  • An experienced, registered therapist
  • A supportive, non-judgemental environment
  • Central Kelowna location with free parking
  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments
  • Fees may be reimbursable by various extended health care benefit plans